Estimating Costs

Estimating Costs

Here’s an overview of how much some of the services that I’ve reviewed may cost you. This will help give you an idea of the economic costs of thoughtfully running a fully-featured web presence.

In general, your highest costs are likely to come from consultants and developers that assist you – as their hourly rates will vary from $50/hr up to $200/hr.


Services Basic Advanced
Hosting $25/mo $500/mo
DNS Services free $25/mo
Site Theme & Design free – $100 $5,000+
Domain Name Registration $15/yr $15/yr
Email Hosting free $120/yr
Email Lists e.g. Mailchimp free $15/mo
Social Media Management e.g. HootSuite $9/mo $39/ mo
Marketing e.g. online advertising $0 $250/mo
CRM e.g. Highrise $24/mo $100/mo
Backups incl. or $5/mo. $165/yr
Customer Support e.g. TenderApp $5/mo. $100/mo.
Code management e.g. Github $7/mo. $7/mo.
Monitoring e.g. SimpleMonitor, ScoutApp $10 $15/mo
Consulting $75/hr $250/hr
Software Development $50/hr $150/hr
WordPress Smartphone App $199 $10,000+
WordPress eBook Publishing Free $5,000+


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