Hiring Developers

Hiring WordPress Developers

Jeff Reifman

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As you go through the process of launching and adding content and features services to your WordPress site, you might need outside expertise. If you’re looking for technical assistance with your WordPress site, you might consider:

  • Envato Studio (formerly Microlancer) – helps you find and work with freelancers
  • Tweaky – appropriate for small web-related project tasks including WordPress modifications
  • Elance – a website for finding freelance developers and designers
  • WordPress Meetups – there are meetups for WordPress around the world
  • CraigsList – be very specific in your advertisement to avoid being inundated with low quality responses

Managing Your Team

Here are some tools that may assist you with managing technology projects:

  • Basecamp by 37 Signals. Provides shared workspaces and issue tracking perfect for these kinds of projects.
  • Github for Source Code. Useful for maintaining a history of changes to your code, easing deployments of updates, rollbacks and collaborating between multiple developers. Some people check their WordPress installation, customizations and themes into Github.
  • Lighthouse tracks issues related to software development.
  • Github Issues can be used to track issues related to specific software or a specific project.
  • Balsamiq. A great online tool for designing mockups of how you want your site to work. It can be very useful to share this with consultants and developers.

Please feel free to ask questions or post comments to this guide below. You can also reach me on Twitter @reifman or email me directly.

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