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Corporations that I’ve covered: Amazon: ‘Amageddon’: How Amazon’s culture is taking a toll on Seattle’s future – GeekWire, How Our Success is Ruining Seattle and Amazon Marketplace Fraud Made Easy AT&T: Spend $750 in International Data Roaming in One Minute Capital One: Capital One Credit Card...

/ November 11, 2015

Capital One Credit Card Fraud Detection Stupidly Shuts Down Accounts

Final Update 10/15/15: After emailing with the Capital One support person below and given that they’d provided the credit that I asked for, I reactivated my accounts to give the new text alert system a try. Their exec support team called...

/ October 2, 2015

When Banks Turn Off Your Credit Cards to “Protect” You From “Fraud”

Closing My Capital One Account to Get Help I’m waiting for Capital One’s senior support team to reach out to me to discuss whether or not I will finalize my request to close my accounts with them. Today, for approximately the...

/ September 28, 2015