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How to Find WordPress Help

If you’re looking for technical WordPress help, or support installing, securing, optimizing or managing WordPress, take a look at WPNow’s WordPress Quickstart. Incredibly, the first hour of general or technical WordPress support is available for $10 (for a limited time)....

/ February 16, 2017

How to Fix: MacOS Sierra Upgrade Breaking SSH Keys

The MacOS Sierra upgrade breaking SSH keys After I upgraded MacOS Sierra, my SSH key access to Ubuntu servers broke. I learned that my older ssh-dss (DSA) keys were no longer secure and that I needed to replace them with...

/ October 1, 2016
Digital Ocean Referral Program

My Digital Ocean Affiliate Program Experience

With the Digital Ocean affiliate program, I've helped sign up more than 2,387 new customers and earned nearly $7,000. Learn more about their referral program.

/ May 19, 2016

Digital Ocean API Console

Digital Ocean API Console¬†Installation If you don’t yet have a Digital Ocean account, sign up here. The tutorial for this console will be posted in early June at Tuts+ or browse my Tuts+ page for Jeff Reifman. This guide walks...

/ December 16, 2014

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an inexpensive, simple, super fast  cloud-based hosting company. In addition to having a simple web user interface for creating, managing and backing up your servers, they also use solid state digital (SSD) drives. This means that all...

/ August 24, 2014

Order a Zillow Geolocation MapApp Image for Digital Ocean

Setting up MapApp and the Zillow map data can be complicated and time-consuming. You can order my MapApp image for $15. It runs as a droplet at Digital Ocean: Once you’ve made your purchase, follow the instructions below to activate...

/ August 15, 2014