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Meet Lenore, My Radiosurgeon

A visual guide to CyberKnife radiosurgery for my brain tumor.

/ December 3, 2015
Harry Potter Scar

The Gift of Brain Surgery

Ask yourselves questions about whether we want everyone in our society to be cared for in basic ways.

/ November 24, 2015

Why the Doctor Prescribed Viagra for My Brain Tumor

Series Contents I What We Can Learn From My Brain Tumor II Operating with Fear III Why the Doctor Prescribed Viagra for My Brain Tumor IV The Gift of Brain Surgery V Meet Lenore, My Radiosurgeon I’ve never enjoyed waiting for a stranger to examine...

/ October 24, 2015

Mental Health Parity (or Parody?)

Lifewise reports that they are raising the copay for mental health visits to $50 per visit. So much for mental health parity. I believe this copay was $10 in 2014 and raised to $30 per visit in 2015. So, essentially,...

/ September 28, 2015