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The Easiest Way to Install WordPress: Now Even Better

Some of you may remember my WordPress Quickstart offering. It’s an inexpensive, performance optimized installation of self-host WordPress that takes just a few minutes to activate. I’ve enhanced it now with a broader array of pre-installed themes and plugins. The WordPress Quickstart is...

/ January 9, 2015

Want a WordPress Quickstart?

Update: I’ve improved the WordPress Quickstart with new themes and images. Learn more! Try WordPress Quickstart My WordPress quickstart is a low cost, performance optimized installation that takes just a few minutes. It’s a pre-installed image of WordPress optimized with caching software...

/ April 3, 2014

Install WordPress

Purchase a pre-installed image of this tutorial and check out our new knowledge base WordPress Now. Install WordPress It’s time for the fun part of installing WordPress. Full instructions are supplied in more detail at WordPress’ Codex. Upgrade to the...

/ February 6, 2013