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GMail Alternatives in the PRISM Age: How to Host Your Own Email Server in the Cloud

Update: You may be interested in Filtered, my new open source IMAP-based mail filtering application which includes the capability to encrypt selected messages, removing them from your IMAP or Gmail account. I’ve posted a new tutorial called, How to Install Your...

/ June 19, 2013

Configure Mailgun

Digital Ocean’s $5/mo. fast SSD servers make a great choice for hosting your email. For a gmail alternative, try FastMail. To get started installing your own private email server, skip ahead to the instructions… Configure Mailgun I am using Mailgun for a few...

/ June 10, 2013

Create Your Instance

Before you create an Amazon EC2 instance, I’d like to recommend Digital Ocean’s $5/mo. fast SSD servers. They make a great choice for hosting your email. Create an EC2 Server Instance Now that you have an account, you can log in...

/ March 25, 2013