harry potter scar - brain surgery

The Gift of Brain Surgery

What I learned facing treatment for my brain tumor this year.

Seattle's Increasingly Obvious Future After Amazon

Amazocalypse: How Success is Ruining Seattle

Amazon's shocking and dramatic impacts on Seattle

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Just Married: Mrs. Angela Vogel Celebrates Her Marriage to Corporate Person

The Wedding of Angela Vogel and Corporate Person

To raise awareness for Initiative 103 and corporate power in Seattle, we married Angela Vogel to corporation "Corporate Person".

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Evan Ratliff

Shedding Your Identity in the Digital Age

Wired reporter Evan Ratliff tried to disappear in the digital age, his story, "Gone," tells what happened.

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Seattle Weekly: Investing for Change

Investing for Change

A Microsoft millionaire wonders if his money can express his values.

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Habitat Espresso

Seattle's first not for profit coffeehouse

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Men at lunch outside Amazon's HQ

An Open Letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s success has inspired innovation across the technology sector, but it’s been relatively silent in response to its harmful impacts on Seattle and women.


Tim Eyman’s 1366 Can Fix Washington State’s Regressive Tax System

Tim Eyman’s victory with Initiative 1366 may provide a major step towards real tax reform in Washington State. Cut the sales tax – tax corporations.


Why the Doctor Prescribed Viagra for My Brain Tumor

I’ve never enjoyed waiting for a stranger to examine my prostate but I at least assumed it would happen the …

Lifewise Out of Pocket Maximum

The Out of Pocket Maximum That Isn’t

The Affordable Care Act’s Out of Pocket Maximum isn’t what you’d expect. In Washington State, it’s insurance fraud.

Stellar Feature

Introduction to Stellar Digital Currency

Stellar, is more than digital currency, it’s a decentralized, nonprofit infrastructure for financial transactions.

Digital Afterlife Feature

Preparing Your Digital Afterlife

Are you prepared for your digital afterlife? Can you host your website after death?

Startups Feature

Building Your Startup With PHP Series

Learn what goes into building your own startup. My most popular series.

Yii2 Feature

Yii2 Programming Series at Tuts+

Learn Yii2, a powerful, fast, lightweight PHP framework.