April 2013

Microsoft's Gates. Ballmer and Smith Join Pro-Drilling Facebook PAC
Posted on April 28, 2013 by Jeff Reifman

Microsoft Executives Join Facebook PAC Promoting Keystone KXL and ANWR Drilling

We’ve discussed at length the Nevada tax dodge run by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, CEO Steve Ballmer and General Counsel Brad Smith. Well, they’ve joined FWD.US, the PAC run by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – which is funding ads to promote drilling in ANWR and completion of the tar sands driven Keystone KXL pipeline (via Grist).

Posted on April 27, 2013 by Jeff Reifman

The Seattle Times Executive Editor Covering Microsoft’s CEO Handshake

The Seattle Times failure to cover Microsoft’s $1.5 billion Nevada tax dodge is finally in the news again this week: The Stranger’s Slog Seattle Times Realizes Microsoft’s Running the Legislature, Slashdot Former Microsoft Managers Now In Charge of Washington State’s Budget and KEXP’s Mind Over Matter’s segment hosted me this morning for 30 minutes on the topic (mp3 Read More

Posted on April 24, 2013 by Jeff Reifman

Where are the Regulations on International Data Roaming Fees?

I have a 5 GB tethered data plan with AT&T which costs me $50 monthly. Whenever I travel to Canada, AT&T texts me about roaming costs. The cost of using my full data allowance while roaming without an additional subscription fee would be $78,643.20. That’s 1,024 MB per GB x 5 x $15.63 per MB. I Read More

Posted on April 12, 2013 by Jeff Reifman

Seattle Dance Clubs Fundraise to Pay Microsoft’s Tax Bill

In April 2010, Washington State’s Legislature changed the definition of its software royalty tax and effectively granted amnesty to Microsoft, helping the company lock up $1.51 billion in savings from its thirteen-year Nevada tax dodge – and more than $100 million annually each year into the future. This is also when the state’s Department of Revenue Read More

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