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Hogstone Pizza Orcas Island

Hogstone’s Wood-Fired Pizza on Orcas Island

It’s always been difficult to find good pizza in the Pacific Northwest. But, Hogstone’s Pizza on Orcas Island is pretty amazing: The next time you’re on Orcas Island, be sure to check it out. It’s right in Eastsound at the center of town. Here’s a streetside view of Hogstone’s: The Seattle Times has a history of being wrong, but it’s …

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Kombucha Small

How You Know You’re in Portland

A lot of people think Portlandia gives you a sense of what’s weird about the city but it actually just scratches the surface. I thought I might be in Portland when I walked out of my AirBnb the first morning and a woman cyclist yelled, “Good morning!” as if I was the lead character on The Truman Show. I thought I …

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Anatomy of Some Slashdottings

I thought I’d share some traffic data from some of my posts that have been published at Slashdot over the years. I’ve been a regular contributor to the site for more than a decade (but nowhere near as prolific as say, TheodP or Hugh Pickens.) Top Ten Posts Traffic from a Slashdot post for me has varied from as little as 1,500 page views …

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Obama Split Screen Feature

The Day Obama Stopped Teaching

Barack Obama’s presidency peaked before it ever began: the day he gave his “A More Perfect Union” speech about race in America.

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Adobe Updater Feature

Remove the Adobe Updater from Your Menu Bar

For some reason Adobe added their updater to the menu bar by default and made it extremely difficult to remove on OS X. It’s super annoying because they also place a menu bar icon for the Creative Cloud manager. And, there’s not much on the web to clearly explain how to remove the Adobe updater from your menu bar in …

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Stellar Feature

Introduction to Stellar Digital Currency

Stellar, is more than digital currency, it’s a decentralized, nonprofit infrastructure for financial transactions.

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Digital Afterlife Feature

Preparing Your Digital Afterlife

Are you prepared for your digital afterlife? Can you host your website after death?

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