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Capital One Credit Card Fraud Detection Stupidly Shuts Down Accounts

Update: I received the following response from Capital One through my media team query: Thanks for forwarding, Jeff, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience of your card being blocked for suspected fraud when you were trying to make an international, online purchase. Capital One has tools to help alert customers to fraud declines, and rather than the email alert, perhaps a …

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When Banks Turn Off Your Credit Cards to “Protect” You From “Fraud”

Closing My Capital One Account to Get Help I’m waiting for Capital One’s senior support team to reach out to me to discuss whether or not I will finalize my request to close my accounts with them. Today, for approximately the third time in the past year or so, they shut off my credit cards after a single transaction they thought …

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Mental Health Parity (or Parody?)

Lifewise reports that they are raising the copay for mental health visits to $50 per visit. So much for mental health parity. I believe this copay was $10 in 2014 and raised to $30 per visit in 2015. So, essentially, that’s a 500% increased cost to members ($10 to $50 per visit). So much for Washington State’s mental health parity. …

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Amazocalypse – Photo Gallery of Seattle’s Amazon Growth

Last week, I wrote about the explosive Amazon growth still planned around South Lake Union: six forty story buildings, seven over 20 stories where there none that size now. Few people recognize the amount of construction and density across Seattle without almost any commensurate public transportation investments as required by the state’s Growth Management Act. The state legislature passed a $16 billion …

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Lifewise Out of Pocket Maximum

The Out of Pocket Maximum That Isn’t

The Affordable Care Act’s Out of Pocket Maximum isn’t what you’d expect. In Washington State, it’s insurance fraud.

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Jeff Bezos and Tom Cruise

Seattle’s Coming ‘Amazocalypse’

Amazon’s male programmers struggling to find bathrooms will soon be able to walk home to pee.

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Summer Cat Shaving

Jasper’s Summer Cat Shave Frightens Sister Luna

When my neighbor Jasper got a cool lion shave this summer, his sister Luna didn’t recognize him when he arrived home. She hissed at him for days … and then she got her own. Here’s what happened next: The video was taken by Jasper and Luna’s owner Seattle-based photographer Matt Hagen.

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