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Kate Elias: Northwest Freelance Editor

I want to give a shout out and positive recommendation to the freelance editor who has edited and helped me polish a lot of my popular essays from the past year or so, Kate Elias / Resume / Editorial Guild Listing. Kate’s helped me with a handful of essays including all of my 2015 brain tumor essays, the popular Peepless in Seattle, …

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Brain Surgery Scars

The Gift of Brain Surgery

Ask yourselves questions about whether we want everyone in our society to be cared for in basic ways.

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Men at lunch outside Amazon's HQ

An Open Letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s success has inspired innovation across the technology sector, but it’s been relatively silent in response to its harmful impacts on Seattle and women.

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Tim Eyman’s 1366 Can Fix Washington State’s Regressive Tax System

Tim Eyman’s victory with Initiative 1366 may provide a major step towards real tax reform in Washington State. Cut the sales tax – tax corporations.

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Invasion of the Killer Whales: Orcas Hunting Narwhal

This PBS Nature documentary from 2014 showing how Killer Whales are already exploiting climate change to hunt previously protected Narwhal is seriously frightening and amazing. There’s footage of starving polar bears beginning to find new ways to survive — they try to climb cliffs towards bird nests and hunt for salmon like Grizzly Bear (and mostly fail). You can watch …

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Google Now Studying “Suers”

More evidence of why I’m clearly not smart enough to work there.

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Sea Life Exploration Cards for Kids Inspired by Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue

I’m excited to share Kali Snowden’s Sea Life Exploration Cards with you. Kali helped me co-found (and did the great art for) Flee the Jungle. The tarot-sized deck teaches the names of fish, whales and sea creatures to children in both English and Spanish. They are finished durably so kids can slobber and spill on them without any problems. You …

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