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Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest. Check out Portland Wild, a visual map-driven guide to Portland's public art, its Heritage Trees and its Little Free Libraries.

ManBearPig: “Al Gore Was Right All Along”

I had totally forgotten about ManBearPig, a 2006 episode of South Park which parodies Gore and the release of his documentary on climate change, An Inconvenient Truth:  Al Gore visits South Park Elementary and warns the school’s students about ManBearPig, an...

/ November 13, 2018

The Tax Cut is One of the Great Deceits of All Time – Bob Woodward

I’m not a huge fan of the modern day Bob Woodward but I appreciated this gem from Real Time last week. “We let important stories go by, like the tax cut. The tax cut is one of the great deceits...

/ November 13, 2018

Girls Riding Wolf Underwater Dreamscape – Portland Murals

Since I began collecting photos of Portland’s street art for PortlandWild, I’ve found a large number of beautiful murals I didn’t know existed. However, one from my neighborhood remains a favorite. It appears to show two young girls, riding a...

/ November 13, 2018
Amazon Passes trillion revenue

Amazon Surpasses $1 Trillion in Cumulative Revenue

Trillion Dollar Milestone Reached in Company’s 25th Year When Amazon announced its third quarter results ending September 30, 2018, its $56.6 billion in net sales brought its cumulative revenue to $989.57 billion1. It also announced guidance for net sales this quarter of...

/ November 11, 2018

Seattle likely the Worst City for Dating

A dating podcast determined that Seattle is “America’s worst city to find love”: The Great Love Debate considered the opinions and demographic data from more than 92,000 singles who have attended the tour’s shows over the last five years, along...

/ November 8, 2018

Video of Enormous Number of Alike Buildings in Outer Shanghai

This twitter video from James O’Malley on the subway in Outer Shanghai is mind blowing and a bit disturbing. The array of buildings goes on and on and on. This is one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever seen...

/ October 29, 2018

Video: A Trip Through New York City in 1911

This 1911 video from New York City is amazing to watch. It’s nearly eight minutes of video from the time when pedestrians, streetcars, elevated trains and horse drawn carriages prevailed. It’s interesting to see as cars appear in the video...

/ October 29, 2018