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Cutoff Scene from Girls

I've added a clip from Girls of the fight between Jessa and Hannah spawned by the latter's unexplained cutoff. Hope you'll check it out: “You can’t just erase people. You can’t just erase me.” 

/ January 5, 2018
block fox news

Block Fox News on Twitter

Fox News is the most dangerous propaganda arm used by the right wing, corporations and Trump. Now it’s possible to block Fox News, its advertisers and affiliate stations around the country with the help of BlockTogether. Many people don’t even...

/ December 24, 2017
driving dog
Kahtoola Nanospikes vs Yaktrax

Which is better? Yaktrax or Kahtoola NANOspikes

Last year, I tried both Yaktrax and Kahtoola NANOspikes. We had icy sidewalks for about ten days and getting around was simply sketchy and dangerous. The Yaktrax kept falling off my shoes and when I went into stores with concrete floors they became...

/ November 18, 2017

My Indypendent Conversations on Amazon HQ2 with Peter Rugh

Listen to my conversation on Amazon HQ2 with Peter Rugh at the Indypendent. I enjoyed talking to Peter about Amazon’s impacts on Seattle as well as the positive power of taxes and regulations: The audio quality improves shortly after the...

/ October 27, 2017
Canary Security Cameras

How to Fight Back Against the Canary All in One Security Camera Scam

Here’s are some ways to fight back against Canary for bricking our security cameras unless we pay subscription fees (its product boxes said there were “no monthly fees”): Read Canary Scams Consumers, Disabling Devices Without Subscriptions and share this post on...

/ October 27, 2017
Louise Mensch Twitter

Twitter Locks Louise Mensch’s Account After She Doxed Me

Tonight, Twitter notified me it has locked Louise Mensch’s account, at least temporarily, for her release of my private information. I’m pleased to see Twitter take action in this case as Mensch has a clear pattern of abuse of many...

/ October 25, 2017