I consult under the business name NewsCloud Consulting. I’m a former eight-year Microsoft Group Program Manager and ex-Microsoft millionaire. I’m a former employee of Groundspring (Network for Good). I’m the former and founding CEO of GiftSpot.com (now GiftCertificates).


I’m a three time Knight Foundation journalism grantee – see Community Starter. I’m a past grantee of Aspiration and the Omidyar Foundation.


I’m the blogger behind the Microsoft Tax Dodge blog as well as Idealog.us and Envision Seattle.


I’ve been a donor and supporter of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and their work with communities to strip judge-made constitutional rights from corporations. I co-founded and managed the campaign for Seattle’s Initiative 103 to eliminate corporate constitutional rights within the city limits. I created Corporate Person and married it to Angela Vogel.


I hold moderately significant investments in Fair Trade Equal Exchange and socially responsible holding company Upstream 21.

Advertising and Affiliate Programs

To offset costs of hosting my blog, I do use affiliate codes for Amazon, Dropbox, ThemeForest and a few others. What this means is that sometimes when you click on links on my site, I will receive a small portion of the sale from your transactions. This generally amounts to less than $500 annually.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.