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Doom And Gloom

Protected: Amageddon: Seattle’s Increasingly Obvious Future

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Amazon’s Impact on Seattle Dating Resonated Widely

I had no idea that GeekWire’s coverage of You’ve Got Male: Amazon’s Growth Impacting Seattle Dating Scene would result in such widespread coverage as well as a viral spinoff. The gender ratio in Seattle and the failure of our local tech companies to hire women definitely touched a nerve, here and around the web. While I support Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ vision of an urban …

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Jeff Bezos Iconic Laugh1

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Frequent Campaign Contributor, Infrequent Voter

Given the overwhelming influence of money in politics these days, it’s easy to get cynical about voting. Even I’m not sure any longer that it makes much of a difference and recently have stopped voting as frequently. Still, it’s sad to see when cynicism washes over the 0.1%, people like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who together control 22% of the country’s …

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You’ve got Male: Amazon’s Growth Impacting Seattle Dating Scene

Update: I’ve posted a summary of the media coverage from this post. The gender imbalance in San Francisco is so bad that a startup recently proposed flying women in from New York City for dates. But, if you’re a straight male thinking of moving to Seattle to work in technology, think again. Seattle’s gender ratio is more imbalanced than San Francisco’s and it’s about …

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Returned Appletv

Amazon Marketplace Fraud Made Easy

Outsourced Customer Service Lets Unscrupulous Buyers Prey on Amazon’s Marketplace Sellers Updated June 16, 2014: Amazon is threatening me again about having posted the buyer’s contact information which I did to warn others: “Failure to remove the information may result in immediate suspension or removal of your selling privileges.” When they do a better job at protecting and communicating with sellers, …

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Civic Home

Amazon’s Civic Apps Contest Disappears

This post was updated at 2 pm PST with Amazon response, cached contest documentation and prize amounts. Amazon has apparently “unlaunched” and postponed its $100,000+ Civic Apps Contest for AWS. Amazon AWS PR spokesperson Kerri Catallozzi wrote, “We accidentally pushed this out early, but please stay tuned for more information on this program later this year.” All entrants were to receive …

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