I was touched by Adelaide McAllister’s comment on How Success is Ruining Seattle:

I lived in Seattle my entire life. I was forced to move due to the cost of living doubling in that last few years. I am sickened by it. I hate Seattle and will never go back. I have resentment towards any and all implants. I hate to be like that but they left their homes to invade mine. The traffic is horrific, the cost and the shear amount of people has ruined that beautiful city. I have a heavy heart that Seattle did that to not just me, but many many other people that called it home. Money is the root of all evil in this case. Seattle’s greed is sickening. One bedroom apartments 30 miles outside the city went from $950 a month to $1500 in 18 months. All the young people out of college are piling into one and two bedroom apartments. We are turning into New York, building micro apartments. Only $1000 for 300 sq. ft. Sick.

The data reflects her experience. Seattle’s median income jumped to $80,349 in 2015 from $67,460 in 2011.

Similarly, the lack of empathy is apparent in this comment above hers: “Glad that Amazon is cleaning Seattle up. Shame that some people just don’t like progress,” allegedly posted by Dr. James Russell, PhD, concealing his identity with the profile photo of this guy. Honestly, the white supremacist blogs are so illegible as to make it difficult to describe whether this person hates all peopleĀ or just those that don’t shop at Amazon.

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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