Update: Amazing game tonight, Colts come back from 17 point 4th quarter deficit to beat Patriots 35-34!

People always ask why I’m a Colts fan, given that I grew up in L.A. far away from both Baltimore and Indianapolis. I’ve answered that before but some people even accuse me of being a fair weather fan or jumping on the bandwagon only after the Colts got good. Today, to all of my accusers (you know who you are), I present proof of my 30 years of Colts fandom.

Digging through some old school materials, I found an essay (if you can call it that) I wrote in 1979 about the, then Baltimore, Colts. No making fun, I was nine! Corrections are from my teacher – not evidence of fakery.

With this document, I hereby lay permanent, undisputed claim to 30 years of Colts fandom. Click the image to view it full size:


Yet, as a young author, I clearly saw difficult years ahead for the Colts: 1979: 5-11, 1981 2-14 ouch!, 1982 0-8 ouch!, 1984 4-12, 1985 5-11, 1986 3-13, 1991 1-15 ouch!, 1993 4-12, 1997 3-13, 1998 3-13, 2001 6-10.

While the Colts Super Bowl XLI victory and Peyton Manning’s 4th quarter comeback against New England in the 2006 AFC Championship (Hybernaut – you still owe me beer for that game) were huge highlights, Jim Harbaugh’s amazing 1995-96 Cinderella playoff run and near-Championship-winning Hail Mary pass against the Steelers (video) is tough to eclipse.

Overall though, Peyton Manning’s athleticism and skill has made the Colts offense one of the best tickets in town. So, tonight, I’ll be watching Colts vs. Patriots to see if they can go ahead to 9-0 and keep pace with the Saints. Expect a great game.

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