Issue after issue in Seattle pits corporate power and influence peddling against residents and our environment. Initiative 103’s Community Bill of Rights provides the tools residents need to protect and manage what happens in our city.
    Take a quick look at some of the issues emerging in Seattle to see how I103 seeks to put people first in decision making processes:
Ending Corporate Personhood
  • The phonebook companies’ appeal of its failed lawsuit against the City of Seattle for its opt out program is wasting taxpayer money and they may just win. The entire suit is based on their claim of corporate personhood and free speech rights. Read more

Restricting Corporate Lobbying to Public Forums

Eliminating Corporate Spending on Elections
Rights for Nature
Citizen Oversight of Police
Rights for Workers
  • Seattle-based Amazon has been accused of operating sweatshops and treating its workers poorly) as well as tax dodging and funding right wing lobbying group ALEC). I103 reinforces state and federal rights to collective bargaining and Constitutional rights in the workplace, which will support whistleblowers.
Neighborhood Rights to Approve Zoning Changes
Rights to Network Neutrality

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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