Update: Chanel and Get Your Shit Together were profiled in the New York Times: A Shocking Death, a Financial Lesson and Help for Others.

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[margin10]My friend Chanel Reynolds’ husband José Hernando was killed while cycling in 2009. She’s created the Get Your Shit Together website to help you prepare for the worst now so that your family doesn’t have the experience that she faced:

[blockquote align=”center”]There I was, now a single mother, grieving, facing one of the worst things that could possibly happen. The trauma and grief are enough to completely level you – and yet, the fear about having our wills drafted but not signed, not knowing how much life insurance we had, not knowing the password to his phone so I could call his family, etc. – were often the things that pushed me over the edge. All of that extra stress and pain could have easily been avoided with a few hours of organization and follow through. I don’t want anyone to suffer the same way.[/blockquote]

Get Your Shit Together is a straightforward web guide to the documents, questions and details you should prepare in advance to ease the trauma on your family if the worst happens.

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