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There are a number of services available now that make building and maintaining an attractive, effective web site easy and fun. But whether you’re building a basic web site, blog or advanced web application, there are a broad number of issues that you need to understand and be conscious of.

This tutorial is designed to outline the complexity of managing your web presence in a simple, easy to understand way. These are the kinds of issues that especially trip up beginners or are often overlooked by even technical publishers.

For example, how will your website appear on mobile and tablet devices? Will you build a mobile application? How will people learn about your site? How will you communicate with your customers? How will your technology scale as your site grows in popularity? How much will this cost? Are there legal issues to be concerned about?

When a friend or relative wants to build a website, these are all the kinds of questions that need to be asked but often aren’t. This tutorial can help you communicate the complexity of publishing a web site or service to the eager but uninitiated. It may also help you with your own projects.

I use this template to initiate conversations with new clients. It’s a framework for beginning our work together.

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Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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