FastMail steps up with more explicit statement about its customer privacy:

Robert Norris, Fastmail technical lead, said: “Australia does not have any equivalent to the US National Security Letter, so we cannot be forced to do something without being allowed to disclose it.

“We are required to disclose information about specific individual accounts to properly authorised Australian law enforcement with the appropriate supporting documentation, which means a warrant signed by an Australian judge,” Norris says.

“We do not co-operate with any kind of blanket surveillance, monitoring or ‘fishing expeditions’, and we do not give out user information to anyone outside Australia. We do not have a legal presence in the US, no company incorporated in the US, no staff in the US, and no one in the US with login access to any servers located in the US.”

Norris specifically addressed the issue of Fastmail’s server location, and said even if its servers were seized, consumer data is protected by encryption.

I’m a FastMail user and have been quite happy with the service.

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Posted by Jeff Reifman

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