The Average Seattle Male and Russell Wilson

I don’t really understand the attachment of Seattle’s notoriously fair-weather fans to the Seahawks. I thought it might be useful to review for you all how little in common you have with your beloved Seahawks. Sorry, it’s not much.

The average Seahawk earned $1.26 million in 2014, you, not so much. The average salary for men in Seattle is $89,445 and for women, it’s $65,612. These players are the city’s 1%. Instead of rooting for them at games you should chant in protest: “We are the 99%” (you’re not the 12s).

Seattle is the fifth whitest city and getting whiter; we’re 69.5% white and the Seahawks are 70.4% African American.

Read my full story at GeekWire:
How Seahawk are you, Seattle? Sorry, not much


Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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