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Apple Tells T-Mobile Customers to Go to Stores

It’s one thing to deliver an incredible product year after year managing global supply and demand, it’s another thing to stupidly mislead customers on your product launch website for a week.

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade website instructs T-Mobile customers to enroll by visiting an Apple Store. At the store I went to, I was told by two different senior staff that there was nothing they could do in store until there is stock. They said I was best off to go order on a website.

TMobile responded: “So I have in formed our business support team about this to reach out to our contact with apple to get this resolved at this point this is out of our control, If we had a way to process the apple upgrade program we would do it but at this time it is not possible with our systems. … Hopefully this is able to be figured out some time soon as definitely don’t want you or anyone else to go through the hassle later on.”

After Apple suggested its customers call them if they’ve had trouble with the upgrade program, I decided to try. The automated system hung up on me the first time. Ultimately, it was about 40 minutes on hold and 25 minutes talking to a very nice representative who was surprised, confused and powerless. I asked her to add my name to those frustrated by the upgrade program and she didn’t know what to do.

The iPhone is an amazing device but its amazing Apple can’t update its website text to not mislead customers.

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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