My startup Meeting Planner has helped identify the most popular meeting times people prefer. The results are surprising, there are three that stand way above all other selections.

Now that Meeting Planner and Simple Planner have been live for more than six months, I discovered that three particular meeting times are more popular than all the others.

People schedule 21% of meetings at 9 am, 22% at 11 am and 14.4% at 7 pm. Of course, the 7pm times are more likely social meet ups and dinners.

I designed Meeting Planner to eliminate the dreaded email chain that often accompanies trying to schedule to meet up with friends and colleagues. By design, Meeting Planner allows participants to collaboratively choose dates, times of day and places for meetings, reducing the number of back and forth emails.

You can learn more about the results at Most Popular Time of Day for Meetings.

If you haven’t yet scheduled a 1:1 or a team meeting with Meeting Planner and Simple Planner, try them out now!

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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