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Landon observes – Purringtons Cat Lounge yoga

Whenever I’ve been fortunate enough to practice yoga somewhere with cats, I’ve appreciated how quickly they tune into my vibe and come over to be nearby. So, tonight when I saw the¬† Purringtons Cat Lounge tweet about Cat Yoga, I felt drawn to go.

The Purringtons Cat Lounge (PCL) helps get Portland cats quickly adopted into wonderful homes. Somehow I’d managed to follow and promote their residents on Twitter the last few months without going in there to see if one or two would claim me.

The space is super fun. On one side, there’s an area for snacks and beverages where you can hang out and observe the cats. And on the other side, there’s the cat visiting area and some pretty great art. This area also acts as a real yoga studio on Sunday nights.

purringtons cat lounge

Mural at the Purringtons Cat Lounge

PCL has managed so many adoptions lately that there were only¬†three cats at yoga this evening, Jell-O, Landon and Janine and three humans. I’m told that there are typically more cats. Teacher Heather Klawender puts on a solid one hour yoga class, but beginners are welcome. Like in any yoga class, there are many “pawses” to focus on your breath, there’s downward cat and frequent clawing. After class, students can hang out with the kitties.

As soon as I rolled out my mat, Jell-O came over to check it out. He’s a sweet one.

cat yoga

Jell-O checks out my yoga mat

Jell-O’s a bit older and chose to rest in his corner perch while we practiced. Who hasn’t been in yoga and wished they were resting?

cat yoga purringtons cat lounge

Landon and Janine During Class

Landon (grey) and Janine (black) were total youngsters and they seemed more interested in chasing each other tonight than any spiritual journey. They’re such cute kittens their paths likely include adoption soon, so don’t wait to visit them.

Landon may become a yogi … he clearly pondered the asanas…

cat yoga

Yogi Landon

and quickly considered teaching…

purringtons cat lounge

Landon asks Heather if he can teach

But ultimately was ready to lead us into svasana…

cat yoga

Landon’s ready for svasana

Cat yoga visits are $20 which support PCL’s work. You can buy four classes for $60. If you go, wear appropriate yoga “cattire”:

cat yoga

Cat yoga attire

A bit more about the cats: Jell-O is a warm, regal ten year old guy, sweet, calm and distinguished. Landon is a young boy, a bit over a year old, energetic, friendly and outgoing. Janine is a sweet young lady, described as mellow and dainty, but definitely comfortable putting Landon in his place. All three are still available at PCL as well as a few others who skipped yoga tonight.

The side wall has notes apparently from humans that visited or adopted the cats, including kids.

purringtons cat lounge

Notes about the cats

I would definitely go back … if not for the yoga to just play with Landon.

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