Since I began collecting photos of Portland’s street art for PortlandWild, I’ve found a large number of beautiful murals I didn’t know existed. However, one from my neighborhood remains a favorite. It appears to show two young girls, riding a flying wolf, underwater, accompanied by their cat, surrounded by manta rays, fish, clouds and their stuffed panda (who seems to have fallen off):

The image below is just part of the mural. Click the image to view the full mural at Portland Wild:

hawthorne portland murals girls wolf

Girls Riding Wolf Underwater Dreamscape

At the moment, I don’t know the title or the artists name but I hope to find out more in time.

These girls clearly know where they’re going and appear to be on a mission. I wish them well.

This would make such a good children’s series.

Portland Wild provides a map-driven view of the city’s street art, special and unique trees and its Little Free Libraries.


Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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