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The Controversy Over My Cutoff Essay

Update: Please read Shining Light on Internet Rage. There’s also now: How to Respond to Internet Rage (Observer) and Here’s How We Can Change Online Commenting Once and for All (Observer). Original Post: I’ve posted a brief response to the...

/ May 17, 2014

Traveling India 2014

I was fortunate to travel to India in early 2014 with Portland-based yoga teacher Sarah Joy Marsh of the Daya Foundation and her travel group. The trip was organized by Redback Travels. My favorite photos from India are posted at...

/ March 8, 2014

Off the Mat Advocacy Training in Seattle – with Seane Corn at Shakti Vinyasa

While it’s not on their website yet, I heard the Off the Mat Into the World is planning its awesome introspective yoga-based advocacy training April 9 – 13, 2014 in Seattle at Shakti Vinyasa in Ballard. More details when they...

/ November 28, 2013

Reading & Conversation with Marianne Elliott: former UN peacekeeper, yogi and author of Zen Under Fire

Zen Under Fire Reading & Conversation with Marianne Elliott: former UN peacekeeper, yogi and author of Zen Under Fire: How I Found Peace in the Midst of War When: Saturday 29 June: 2.30pm – 4 pm Where: Sutra Yoga / 1605 North 45th Street...

/ June 28, 2013

The Light that Comes From Inside

Go to a wide open space, Gaze without looking anywhere The mind stops its building of thoughts, And rests on its own foundation – Immensity. The light that you see by Is the light that comes from inside. – The...

/ June 16, 2013

Lululemon Whistler Didn’t Get the Memo About Yoga Pants Recall

  Apparently, the folks up at Lululemon Whistler didn’t hear about the store’s overly-see-through yoga pants recall as perhaps “Show us your assana” isn’t the best message at the moment.  

/ April 2, 2013

Mad Love – Meghan Currie on the Beach

[teaser]I’m not usually a fan of these kinds of videos because I don’t believe in over-emphasizing the physicality of yoga achievable only by few, but I think this one is well done. Meghan Currie via Elephant Journal. Her drop back...

/ January 26, 2013