How to Download the Apple Aperture 3.x Trial

Cloud based Server instances at Digital Ocean If you purchased Aperture before it was integrated into AppStore and are having trouble installing it on a new machine or re-installing it, you can download the Aperture 3.1 trial from Apple here. You’ll still need your Aperture activation key to use the software.

Since the Apple Maverick’s upgrade, this post has received more than 16,000 visitors. You can read a bit more about Apple’s decision to upgrade all versions of Aperture, even pirated copies, here and here.

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  • i64X

    Thank you for this.

  • Kevin
    • Jeff Reifman

      Thanks Kevin! Nice work. Do you know if EdgeSuite is a reputable site? I’ve had no problems with my activated copy?

  • Jeff Reifman

    You need the key only if you want to use it after the trial period.

    • leon

      when i tried it wanted a serial number is there a way around this leon

      • Gergely Laborci

        the same here… did you find the solution?

  • I nice guy

    F-349-YAX-243-YBB-261-QMV-435-QHG-FEA-5SMX will unlock the 30 day free trail. This is NOT a permanent serial key. You only get 30 days to try the software with this key.

    • leon

      that worked to download, the app store is now upgrading the version

  • Debattoeren

    Thank you. I have an old DVD with Aperture 3, legally bought with serial number. Unfortunately, I found the disc broken after a fresh install of Mavericks today. This download saved me, and I finally have Aperture in my Purchased Apps in Mac AppStore.

  • leon

    thanks to you all for the help

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