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Amazocalypse Realizes Maybe He Built Too Fast

The Space Needle’s gone missing beneath Seattle’s epic growth. Zoe goes searching for it and soon meets Amazocalypse and his dog Prime. Once Amazocalypse realizes the impacts of his actions, he decides to do everything he can to find the city’s special landmark.

Please consider a pledge to our Kickstarter campaign for Zoe and the Amazocalypse! The illustrations are done by Megan Marie Myers.

Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. At 7:31 AM, John Reagan said the following:
    I was just reading the article on your upcoming kids book. Well done, good change of perspective. You’re dead on too. My daughter, now 13, has said many times to my wife and I recently, “you two were much happier when we lived in Vegas.” She pointed to the traffic, how much it costs us, both of those contributing to some friend/acquaintance isolation due to limited time and resources. She listens to the things we talk and at times argue about and like most kids is very observant.
    I’ve been reading about the building projects as well. I’m sure you’ve come to the same conclusions as I have, they aren’t happening to help, but rather to capitalize on the situation by charging an average of $300K for a 2-bed apt. Call it a condo if you like, it’s an apartment. Not actual property, more like a borrowed ownership. In the end, they are likely to sit empty to an Nth degree.
    While at Amazon I connected with quite a few of the interns. They sold and rented a lot of their stuff on the internal newsgroup. Most I “polled” told me they did not intend to come back, ever. Too expensive and isolating. Part of that is the culture at Amazon that pits them against each other, but that’s a whole other subject.
    Working with IBM who truly embraces remote work whenever possible, my family and I have decided to move back to Las Vegas. Do you know how much house you can buy there for $300K? Traffic there is when it takes you over 15 minutes to go a few miles. Then it usually opens up to freeway speeds or better. I’ve heard the water issues over and over, doing some light research, I’m not worried about it. There’s enough there, you just have to know how to get at it.
    With the crime around Seattle now, Tukwila taking the top spot for most dangerous city, I can’t in good conscience keep my family here. Paying more for a false sense of safety. Schools aren’t near as good, but I find that’s more about our participation in our children’s learning. In the end, the CoL being created, the general greed being demonstrated will cause correction. When these units are finally finished, and the Amazon people can’t afford to rent them, no one at Amazon gets a salary of more than $160K, they will drop till they fill, that’s the law of the market.
    Eventually, there maybe buildings filled with a mix of owners, renters and squatters such as the neighborhoods are seeing now. Either way, we’ll go back to where our resources go farther and people aren’t as sympathetic to criminals. Keep working to inform people and helping them to see reality versus the hype, John


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