I wanted to share some of Megan Marie Myer’s original sketches for Zoe and the Amazocalypse, our Kickstarter for an illustrated children’s book about the tech boom’s impacts on Seattle.

She actually came up with the box monster concept used in the story first, but also drew three other Amazocalypse monster concepts.

The second sketch reminded me of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, which is making a comeback:

Zoe and the Amazocalypse

Second Amazocalypse Sketch

The third sketch was clearly nerd monster Amazocalypse:

Zoe and Amazocalypse

Third Concept Sketch – Nerd Monster

The fourth sketch was Drone Monster Amazocalypse, drones will play a critical role in “Daddy, Where’s the Space Needle?”

Zoe and Amazocalypse

Fourth Concept Sketch – The Drone Monster

Ultimately, we both loved the first box monster concept:

first sketch - web

If you haven’t shared or pledged to “Zoe and the Amazocalypse: Daddy, where’s the Space Needle?,” please check it out.

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Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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