I’m passionate about social justice, civil rights and democracy. It can feel overwhelming at times how to make a difference. Our mentors tell us to work on a small piece and get active in our communities. Certainly, activism is noble and has revolutionized our very country. But, in the modern Republican era, they’ve learned to manipulate activists while they attack our elections, voter access and our Constitution. Single-issue activism is not an effective way to defeat “Republicans playing the long game for totalitarian control of our government.”

I wrote Moving America Beyond Single-Issue Activism to address the need for activists to change our tactics, and unite to demand we rebuild our democracy.

The Women’s March inspired me more than any populist event in my lifetime. In one day, three to five million Americans stepped into the streets together and became activists. It helped put faces on our electoral majority. Which raises the question, how is a Republican minority able to control all three Federal branches of government and two-thirds of state legislatures? For a while now, we’ve failed to organize our majority against the generalized challenge modern Republicans present, deceptively packaged interests of wealthy elites and global corporations and a willingness to undermine democracy to win elections. So how exactly can we refocus America on its people’s best interests?

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Posted by Jeff Reifman

Jeff is a technology consultant based in the Pacific Northwest.

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