I do like this advertising campaign by the W+K agency, “You Can, In Portland.” It’s super cute and very much like the city, just needed some white people and homeless people* in the background to make it real. And, I know it’s from 2017; Travel Portland funded it last year for their annual campaign.

If you do go to Portland this spring or summer, try out Portland Wild. For most people, they love the street art in Portland. In the summer, you can wander and it’s like a outdoor hipster museum. Portland Wild can help you locate the murals you like and plot an optimized path to walk, bike or drive to see all of them.

portlandwild street art murals and heritage trees

Portland Wild – Street Art, Heritage Trees and Little Free Libraries

Portland also has some incredible trees. Through dedicated volunteers, like my neo-octogenarian friend Phyllis Reynolds, they’ve preserved (mostly) more than 300 Heritage Trees. Almost all of which you can find your way to with Portland Wild. Learn more about them.

In case you just want to read, the site also allows you to find both Powells and the city’s more than 250 Little Free Libraries!

* Regarding the Homeless in Portland *

In my time in Portland, it became obvious to me that Mayor Ted Wheeler focused on business and is hostile to homeless people. That’s been Portland the last few years. Also in 2017, half of Portland city street arrests were of homeless people. It’s basically a really stupid police harassment and relocation program.

If you come to Portland, it’s a fun city, but you will see large numbers of homeless people nearly all over. Be kind to them. Help them out if you can. Learn their names. And, please talk about it. Talk to everyone you know about how the city has failed to care and regard for homeless people to the extent that the quality of life there is worse for everyone. And when you go home, vote for leaders who support progressive taxation, accountability, quality of life metrics, affordable housing and permanent shelter policies.



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