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200 Hour Seattle Yoga Teacher Training with Michelle Befus and Kathleen Meehan Lorenzo

If you’re seeking a yoga teacher training in Seattle, my friend Michelle Befus and her colleague Kathleen Meehan Lorenzo are collaborating with one of my teachers, the well known Theresa Elliott of Taj Yoga to run a year long course in 2019. Learn more here.

Whether you’ve ever thought of deepening your practice or would consider teaching professionally or as a volunteer, a slow paced year long 200 hour program like this is really wonderful.

Michelle and I studied together with Theresa in our 500 hour program and since then, Michelle has strengthened her teaching and developed as a teacher. I don’t know Kathleen, but I know Theresa’s teaching very well. I expect this class will be a special experience for all and encourage you to check it out.

They are still taking sign ups into early 2019.

Many new yoga teachers I’ve talked to, agree that the 200 hour trainings just teach you the basics but there’s not enough time to train to teach. You have to learn this on your own … frankly, it’s something I’ve done alright at, but I am not ready to teach professionally. Michelle on the other hand has made it her life’s focus and grown tremendously.

My 200 hour was a month long intensive. This class gives you twelve months to practice and build skill as you learn, the time is invaluable. It gives you an opportunity to encounter deeper questions and to ask them amongst your teachers and fellow students.

For me, deciding to train as a teacher was a combination of wanting to dive deeper into my practice and movement but also a quiet inspiration to volunteer with yoga which led me into my 200 and 500 hour trainings and beyond. I later volunteered for more than two years with street yoga sharing yoga with young people.

Deepening my yoga immersion changed my life. You never know what yoga will prepare you for. It might just be having balance and falling less, a quiet peace of mind … for me it was the having the capacity to¬†face brain surgery.

Think about it. Let me know if you dive in!

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